Alex Ch’ng D.C, The founder of Alive Chiropractic aims to introduce the new concept of health to the public through specific Chiropractic care. He believes that merely absence of disease does not define health. To him, a healthy person should also be able to function properly without pain either physically or mentally which can be achieved by Chiropractic care.

His communication skills will make you feel at home during consultation and his explanation skills will make you understand more about your pain like never before. He has incredible patience towards elderly.

If you are an elderly, love to ask questions, prefer speaking in Hokkien, he will be your best choice

Cheng Lai Yie D.C, Senior associate chiropractor in Alive Chiropractic, is passionate in helping people that lives in pain. Her mission is to help people to improve overall functions and health.

As a mother, she enjoys providing care to babies and children to maximize their growth and developments through Chiropractic care. She is also keen to help pregnant ladies and mothers as she understands the challenges and pains they faced while expecting and taking care of a child.

Surprise! She is also a certified yoga instructor. Don’t be cheated by her size, you will be amazed by her strength and skills!

Mothers? Pregnant ladies? Children? Babies? She will be your best choice

Nur Aiman D.C, Associate chiropractor in Alive Chiropractic, is dedicated to help you improve your spinal health and overall quality of life. He values clear patient communication to ensure you are educated over the course of the treatment. He believes that a thorough analysis of your spine with a specific approach is the key in finding the root cause of the pain.

To him, every patient deserves a doctor that spends sufficient time to understand your concerns and performs detailed examination to find the cause of pain.

Also, Aiman is an active person himself. If you are a sports enthusiast, he will be your best choice

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