What to expect during Consultation?

Step 1: History Taking 

History taking is important for your chiropractor to know the mode of injury and also determining possible injured area. During history taking, your chiropractor will ask you everything related to your injury and also other health informations. 

Step 2: Visualization  

Your chiropractor will observe your spinal curvature, surrounding skin conditions and the way you sit/walk/stand. 

Step 3: Instrumentation   

Step 3: Instrumentation   

Your Gonstead chiropractor will be using a Nervoscope to glide through your entire spine. Nervoscope will detect abnormal temperature changes on our skin around the spine which verify the existence of spinal subluxation (misalignment).

Step 4: Palpation   

Your spine and muscles will be palpated to detect any abnormal swelling. The motion of the spine and other joints such as shoulder/knee etc. will be evaluated. This is crucial to confirm the subluxation. 

Step 5: X-ray analysis   

If you have a full spine X-ray, your chiropractor will draw lines and measurements on your x-ray to obtain a more accurate diagnosis. If you don't have, you will be referred to get one.